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Hey Everyone...Andrew from ZenBox here!
The team at ZenBox thought you might be interested in what the WORLDS LARGEST BITCOIN KIOSK OPERATOR has been up to lately, and how the bitcoin kiosk space is primed with opportunities right now!
Opportunities, you say?! read that right! Right now ZenBox is looking for host locations that are interested in:
-A FREE ZenBox bitcoin kiosk
-Increased foot traffic to your convenience store, restaurant, bar, hotel, or shopping mall
-FREE PR, MARKETING KITS, and SIGNAGE for optimal exposure
-Positive Reviews on Yelp
-Possible Revenue Share of the monthly transaction volume
Let me reiterate…..
-No money out of pocket for the ZenBox kiosk
-More foot traffic = More sales
-FREE Marketing tools
-FREE MONEY (or bitcoin)
-Positive Reviews on Yelp for your business!
And if you don’t have a location to host a kiosk but you still want to get involved, you’re in luck! ZenBox offers the industries premier turn-key solutions for bitcoin aficionados who want to own a share of the monthly revenue of a ZenBox kiosk. Don’t hassle with hardware manufacturers, lease agreements, and compliance/legal issues. When you partner with ZenBox we handle every aspect of operating the kiosk, including:
-Legal and Compliance
-Host location lease negotiation
-PR, Marketing, and Branding
-Kiosk maintenance and servicing
-Cash and Bitcoin float
-Banking and Payment Infrastructure
-Financial reconciliation and reporting
To learn more about hosting a ZenBox kiosk and our partnership opportunities: visit or email [email protected].
You can also call me directly at (949) 612 2556
If you aren’t familiar with ZenBox….we are a Santa Monica based company that provides the largest and most accessible network of bitcoin kiosks around the world. Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies by providing tangible access points for buying and selling bitcoin. Today with over 10 live US locations we are the largest network of two way bitcoin kiosks in the United States. And with a team of full-time dedicated bitcoin professionals, we are leading the bitcoin kiosk industry with the premier turn-key solution for both our operating partners and host locations.
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The post originally appeared on Medium, titled “BitCoin: Zen Yotta Mond Data?” and we republished with permission from its author, John Pitts. Dedicated to my wife & children: I started blogging and posting on social media in 2017 as an open letter and wisdom-transfer to them, with as many personal stories as I can include. The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. ZenBox is the largest and most reliable network of branded, bitcoin kiosks in the US. We provide customers with the fastest and most convenient way to buy and sell bitcoin, as well as other digital currencies. It is our mission to provide the world with easy access to bitcoin by lowering the barrier to entry and to provide railways on which to send money globally. ZENBTC - Long - Potential 9.52% Enter- 5873 TP1- 6121 TP2- 6432 SL- 5600 Happy Trading! Like & Follow if you Agree! ZenBox provides customers with the fastest way to buy and sell bitcoin. Whether you own or manage a convenience store, restaurant/bar, hotel, casino, even airports and shopping malls, our experience in this space enables us to provide a simple turnkey solution that will bring you positive PR, more foot traffic, and most importantly more customers! Now is the time to host a ZenBox. There are ...

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