The Daily Dose of IETF - Issue 2626 - 2016-07-07

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These are independent services, and the information exchanged for each type of service is kept separate as the Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI) used for this exchange has different Address Family Identifiers (AFIs) and Subsequent Address Family Identifiers (SAFIs). Consequently, an implementation MUST maintain a separate routing storage for each service. However, multiple services ... interface GigabitEthernet 0/0 ospfv3 1 ipv4 authentication key-chain ospf-1 router ospfv3 1 address-family ipv6 unicast vrf vrf1 area 1 authentication key-chain ospf-1 area 1 virtual-link authentication key-chain ospf-1 area 1 sham-link authentication key-chain ospf-1 authentication mode deployment ! key chain ospf-1 key 1 key ... The (1) VoIP channel drivers, (2) DUNDi, and (3) Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) in Asterisk Open Source 1.8.x before, 11.x before 11.14.1, 12.x before 12.7.1, and 13.x before 13.0.1 and Certified Asterisk 1.8.28 before 1.8.28-cert3 and 11.6 before 11.6-cert8 allows remote attackers to bypass the ACL restrictions via a packet with a source IP that does not share the address family as ... Apparently 12.2(37)SE Advanced IP Services can't do it - as soon as you try to activate the address-family it throws % BGP context not been initialized properly (great Engrish there Cisco). For the record, I have enabled dual ipv4 & ipv6, it does OSPFv3 just fine. Blockchain And Bitcoin Hands On: Configuring A Blockchain Public Key Infrastructure PKI – Design Public Key Infrastructure PKI – Concepts Cryptography Concepts Stream Vs. Block Ciphers Implement Cryptography Implementing Cryptographic Techniques – Key Points IMPLEMENTING SECURITY CONTROLS FOR HOSTS Host Concepts And Vocabulary Product Evaluation Models – TCSEC Product Evaluation Models ...

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Cabinet - 6 May 2020

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